Training and simulation center

Medical staff and nursing personnel training to be more confident and prepared, through simulation.

We have created Emac Campus to help those who work in the healthcare field to improve their preparation in clinical practice, in order to be more confident in decision making in times of emergency, where time becomes precious and a delay or error means putting human life at risk.
There are fewer and fewer resources to face an increasing demand for health, healthcare workers are forced to work under pressure to guarantee a greater number of services: in these conditions mistakes are a possible event and we want to reduce the risk of errors. We know that a careful staff preparation is a reason for success in every company and that success in the healthcare field translates into Global Health.

Our dream is to train more confident and better trained medical and nursing staff to help create and maintain Wellness.
“ Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”
[confucio 450 .c.]

Our Network

Well known in the public and private healthcare market.

Our Partners

EMAC CAMPUS responds to the constant demands of the hospital world with the research for the best quality producers present worldwide,
able to offer high standards and share our company philosophy.